Surf's up in Itacare - Bahia

Finally arrived in Itacare - Bahia. A place I had long dreamed of coming to see and surf. I had seen photos and and heard it was "THE" spot to surf along the coast of Bahia. The downside, we arrived during a long weekend and also there was a surf comp going on so the town was noisy and busy. The waves were not working so well due to strong currents and wind brought in some big waves. After almost 2 weeks chilling with some good friends at Banana Monkey Hostel, soaking some sun and catching a few scary waves... It was time to get back inland and make our way to Chapada Diamantina... back to some Rock Climbing.

"Hang Loose!!!"

Police officers are really busy here in Itacare.

Giant beetle.

I wouldn't count on this lifeguard to save me out there!

A big swell moved in at Praia Tiririca while the " Brazil Northeast surf comp " was on. Waves were up to 2 meters with strong currents so I took advantage to shoot a few good surf images instead of going out there and get scared and pounded on the head.

Grilled mozzarella cheese on a stick. Yummi!

Looking for waves....