Life in Santa Teresa - Costa Rica

Crazy night light show...
 Jennifer having a sunset cocktail.
 Lola and Austin fighting for the coconut.
 Christina practicing some yoga at sunset.

Last call
I can still pull a few Yoga moves.
 Ryan catching one of the biggest set of the day.
 Ryan riding the nose.
 Ian, owner of Kina surf shop might be over 60 - but can outsurf most younger guys out there.
 Alarick with a nice cutback.

Alarick smooth riding.
 Tomas grabs the lip...
 then hides in the barrel.
 Peter hoping for the barrel ... but not.
 Kerri, Jennifer and Lola on a surf check.
 Checking out the scene.
 Me and Lola chilling out.

 Oh Lola.. so pretty...

 We were lucky to be invited to a rad little party at Tropical Latino Resort in Santa Teresa.
I was asked to shoot some images for some friends.
Super fun to dance around, eat good food, drink sangria, live music, dance and fire shows...
fun fun fun. Thats my kind of work.

 Shay Butta with the wings.

 early morning in Santa Teresa.
Ya Darren... I saw you look at that ass :-)