After being away from BC for the past 3 years, it was time to head back.
3 weeks in Squamish was just enough time to have a little fun fun in the sun.
It didn't take much to convince my girlfriend that we should move back...

After a month in the warm Philippines, it wasn't easy to get back in winter land. Especially with minus 30 temps! Here are are a few ice climbing pics I shot while my friend Matt Maddaloni was in the area visiting his wife's family over xmas holidays. Cold temps didn't stop Matt from putting up a few new routes in the area.

The hike to Mastigouche.

Matt on a new M8 - not yet sent!

Another killer M8 mix line.

The beautiful valley of Saint - Sauveur des Monts under a very cold sky.
It was time to back our bags again and head for a warm tropical destination... so this time we chose El Nido Palawan, Philippines for a little paddle board, white sand beaches and deep water solo mission...