New climbing zone - Chile Chico

While driving back from a climbing trip in Bariloche, Jim Donini and Jay Smith had spotted this " Pyramide" Basalt tower. They spent a few days putting up new routes. So when I arrived at Jim's house. He had several plans up his sleeves... going back up there and climb new routes.
A couple of Aussie friends joined us and we hiked in the 2 hour approach loaded with cams, ropes and food, camped for a couple nights in this beautiful meadow in the Jeinemeni Range.
As to date, there are 9 new routes, the best line being a 4 pitch climb done by Jay Smith and Jim Turner rated 5.11c.
Many more to be climbed...

Jim driving along Lago General Carrera. Chile Chico is 100km from his house along a scenic gravel road.

Lago General Carrera and it's beautiful unexplored mountains to the north.

Sorting out the gear for the hike.

Rocket Jim hiking up.

Team Aussie hiking.

Coffee time.

Close view of the Pyramide.

Jim and I chilling in the warm sun.

"Warning" Do Not Use stove in tent...

clean teeth... Happy teeth.

Want to lick my toes??

Jim racking up for a new route.

At the base of " Blown Away", the 4 pitch climb that Jay Smith and Jim Turner put up.

Jim on first ascent of " Flight of the Condors" while climbing the route, 3 massive condors flew in circles over our heads.

The valley below, border of Chile - Argentina and Lago General Carrera (on Chilean side) and Lago Buenos Aires (argentinean)

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  1. Hi Alain.
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    If you could send me info/corrections about the routes you know over there, that would be great. Abrazo
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