Back to Santiago for Part 3

As the winter was rolling in south of Santiago. I couldn't continue riding south so Angela and I decided to come back to my home in Squamish BC for the summer. It was nice to see all my friends and family and show Angela beautiful Canada.
4 months went by quick. A last minute side trip came up and found myself sitting in the plane making my way to Sardinia Italy for 3 weeks of limestone rock climbing with friends, Kitty Calhoun - Jay Smith - Jim Donini and Roger Schimmel.
Afterwards, back to Ottawa for 3 days with family before boarding one more plane back to Chile.

I am now in Santiago Chile, amazingly my good old Suzuki DR 350 covered with dust, started right away.
I'll be spending the week packing and getting my bike ready for the upcoming adventures - solo - down towards Ushuaia... the most southern city of the world.

Here we go... a little taste of Sardinia

The town of Cala Gonone, on the east side of the island.

Roger Schimmel climbing a sweet steep climb... minutes before a rain storm came in!

Jay slabbing it in Supramonte.

Kitty on a beautiful 5,11c arete in Monte Bardia.

Not many cracks, but we found one! Jim Donini on the final move.

Jay climbing Oceano Mare

Kitty high up above the beautiful mediterranean sea.

Jay backing up another crappy anchor.

Town of Dorgali.

Sardinian hamburger.

You don't drink too many of those! - 9% !!!

Ferrari wasn't available, so we went for the "Punto"

Make sure you wear sunscreen!

Sardinian rush - hour.

Sardines in the back seat.

Sardinian roadside Bar.

Jay and Jim warming in the sun. (the only thing you don't see in this photo... is 100 mile/hr wind!)

I know I have a sandwich in here...

The - Massive - Millennium Cave.

Cala Gonone and the massive Millennium cave, from Cala Luna.

No worries Kitty... you're on belay! - I'm just recovering from Jet Lag...

Some bolts you can't trust!

Kitty on a steep 5,11c at Cala Luna.

Beautiful crystal blue water of Cala Luna - Almost like Thailand, same same but different!

"You can't go to Sardinia without climbing the Aguilera" - Quote from the guidebook... but it doesn't say you have to be a slab lover!

Jay Smith on pitch 4.

Roger Schimmel climbing the last pitch.

Roger - Jay and Kitty on the small summit of Aguilera, Cala Goloritze.

Good bye Sardinia...