Climbing at La Mojarra Santander Colombiaaaaaaa

Vamos escalar! pilot Chami and co pilot Edgar with Simon the wonder dog head up to la Mesa de Los Santos

I never had a bird scream at me while taking a photo! This one went crazy.

Tobacco farmer along the road.

Sebastian on a warm up route.

Giovanny ( Chami) Mateus Duarte climbing a sweet 5.11c

No rocks at base camp, so might as well train on trees.

Chami, bouldering session at la Mesa.

More along the road...

I was thinking of getting a lottery ticket from him...

Beers are empty, easy.. let's go get more...

Chami collecting his air miles.

One of the best 5.11

Sebastian reaching for the better hold!

Another cold beer.

Sebastian overlooking one of the climbing wall.

Locals of La Mojarra.

Spanish man Carlos.

Cold water, but killer outdoor shower at Hostal Sol de La Mojarra.

Not a bad view from the toilet window!

Sunshine Caliche

Beautiful flower of La Mojarra.

Gris the cat...

Simon the dog...

More cold beers at La tienda.

Elena has everything you need in her little store.


Caliche pulling down on another steep roof climb.

Ana practicing a little sunset yoga to finish the day.

Eva on a sweet 5.11

Caliche on a 5.11c

Sebastian on a long reach.

Caliche on more steep stuff.

Yap, Ana is a little flexible.

Safety first....

Edgar, morning yoga session at La Mojarra

Church in Los Santos.

Along the road to Los Santos

Canyon Chicamocha near Los Santos.

Yummi cake at the bakery.

Chef Sebastian cooking us another great meal in La Mojarra.

Really is time for new shoes now!

No worries, Simon will guard your room.

Sebastian topping of another problem.

Edgar Vag sunset bouldering at La Mesa de Los Santos.

Kids of Santander, Colombia.

Sebastian Herrera bouldering at sunset.