Life in Santa Teresa, Nicoya Peninsula

Howler monkey hanging out about our house.
Golden Orb Spider, cool looking and not dangerous. They get a few inches big but
never seem to move away from their web. Several weeks later, they just disappear.
Plenty of Iguana's around, all kinds and colors. They love papaya.
Surf babes...

Me on a left
Shawn hopping for the barrel.
Beach tandem yoga.
Windy day in Playa Carmen - Kite surfers come out.
End of session.
OK stick with me doggyz... I'll get you some fish.
Solo sunset paddler.
Another beautiful day... tomorrow the sun will come again.

Tomas Ritchie in action.
Pelican surfers
Hands up for this guy... good air!
Pink sky at night, sailer's delight.
Air time
Christine Ritchie and Lola chilling out on the beach at sunset.
Tomas Ritchie - just another sweet wave in his front yard.

Tangerine sky
My name is Indy, I'm not quite 2 yet and I can fly, yes... this picture proves it...
But no.. this band aid doesn't come from flying...
You see these stitches! yes, I'm cool... no sweat, just gave my parents a stressful
mission to the clinic! and done... this dude name Doc, was stuffing needles in my fore head!
I was like... "Hey dude! I better not have a scar! I gott'a look good for the babes..."
But I turned out ok.
He patched me with a cute band - aid, all the girls loved it.

So now you want to know the story???...
I'll have to blame it on everyone else but me.
There I was being cool next to a big pedal bike, you know, I was playing with the
thing, checking out the cool basket , spinning pedals, that sort of stuff...

Those stupid adults were just sitting there, drinking out of a funny looking bottle.
Laughing and not paying attention to me...
When all of a sudden, this big metal thing was on top of me, it attacked me like a huge
chunk of metal robot....
Yes, I cried... then it got my parent's attention, it worked...finally
"Oh No!!!" I hear my mom who's looking at me in panic. I could only see blurry from
all my tear drops... Then I screamed some more.

All the cool adults now were running around, doing things. Meanwhile blood rushed down my forehead and into my eyeballs..... "wwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn" I say

Then I remember they called him Doc, with a big needle..... poking at me, I didn't like it.
"He'll be ok, he's a tough boy, " That was the voice of my dad.
So is this what playing with big toys is like? getting needles in the head?
At least now I have a good story to tell my first girlfriend when we go cruise on bikes.

One of many board selection at Casa de Tomas base camp.
Another glassy morning.
Secret Beach, can't tell you where...
Avalon Ritchie creating beach art.
One of many property pets.
Beach bums...
Oh ya, Austin and Lola - the classic beach lovers.
Playa Santa Teresa.

Jennifer Smith giving a sunrise salut
Best outdoor toilet in Costa Rica,
Mark ripping it up in his back yard half pipe.
Taking a moment.
New Year's bang bang stuff... at Ritchie's
Sunset surf.

Tomas Ritchie sunset paddle boarding.
Cold beer, killer views, nice pool... Vista de las Olas... and awesome spot for a
sunset drink, Mal Pais.
Little Indy in a giant sand castle.
Surfers heading out at sunrise.
Jennifer takes in the last sunlight of the day.

Back on the road... Dominical to Santa Teresa, Nicoya

A river along the road near Quepos.
Playa near Jaco.
Puntarenas Coastline.

Jaco in the distance... once a tiny little surf town, turned into a mini coastal city
full of bars, hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops. Also not a cheap place!
If you ask me... not worth the stop unless you happen to be there on a killer surf day
but prepare to deal with aggressive locals in the water!

On the ferry to the Nicoya Peninsula on route for Santa Teresa.
The beautiful beach in Puntarena.. not the cleanest water, but a good place to wait for the ferry.