Hike to Garibaldi Lake BC

The sun as been shining for days now in Squamish. I guess we arrived on time. The weather was horrible until end of July.
High pressure moved in and giving us perfect clear sky for days...
It was time for an Alpine hike mission, Bianca and I packed up chocolate, fruits and bars and drove north of Squamish for 30 or so kms to hike the beautiful perfectly maintained Black Tusk - Rumble creek trail to Garibaldi Lake, 9 km up to stunning Alpine views. Another 10 km farther takes you to the Summit of Black Tusk. An old volcano core surrounded by wild landscape.
But running out of time, we just enjoyed the upper lake and for additional workout, ran back down the 9 km to the parking lot.
Now sitting here with sore legs posting these images for you to enjoy.

Our new silver rocket - * Bubbles * our new wheels that will take us across Canada
hopefully no bears decide to come see what's inside!

Vamos... 9 km to Garibaldi Lake.

Bianca looking into the light.

Break time.

BC trees

Almost there...

first view of Garibaldi lake

Seconds after this shot, Bianca happen to fall right in soaked up her shoes... Not sure if I should blame it on a rolling rock?
or lost of balance....

The core of the Black Tusk

It's an OK view up here...

Bianca taking it in one last time before heading back down.

Bianca running back the 9 km to our van.

climbing at upper Malamut.

Another great day out, no wind, grey sky but peacefully quiet climbing over the ocean of Sea to Sky Howe Sound Squamish.
Not a bad day out with my friend Relic and Bianca...

Climbing at Shannon Falls - Squamish BC

Some days are just lucky.
While hoping to climb at a quiet spot in Squamish... summer weekend crowds fill the granite walls. A good friend of mine
visiting from Austria was in town only a few days, so climbing was on the list of things to do.
We decided to see if a super nice multi pitch - a new squamish route - *Sky Walker* beautiful 5 pitch 5.8 was
busy. Thinking the area might be quite, unfortunately wasn't. All the climbs were busy. When all of a sudden I hear my name
out loud... " Alain!!" It was my friend Daniel. We had met the first year of my trip when climbing in Mexico.
She was in Squamish for a couple weeks of climbing. (on the sad note, she was here to meet up with Mikey and climb
with him, Mikey was to fly in Vancouver on July 13th for a month of Squamish climbing, he went climbing somewhere else.)
So to see each other was a surprise. She was climbing with her friend Holly. They were just about to climb one of Squamish most classic climb * Klahani Crack * an easy, perfect beautiful hand jam crack... 5.7/8.
I asked them if I could run up it quickly to set up for a few shots while the light was nice and happen to have my camera with me. It was the first time since may I'd taken any photos. It felt good to hang off a rope and shoot again.
Eventually the crowd left and we were able to get on Sky Walker, climbed under a warm sun and watched the sun set over the
Howe Sound.

Another beautiful day in Squamish.

Daniel on a perfect hand crack.

Some american boys on * Local Boyz do Good 5.10d * Squamish classic slab.

Daniel cranking.

Holly in the scenery.

Then we got on Sky Walker.....

My friend Klaus on the first pitch of Sky Walker.

Bianca and Klaus hanging around with a view.

Bianca at the final crux move.

Klaus on the exposed traverse pitch, easy and sweet...

Testing out my new camera around Squamish...

Kite surfers taking advantage of the clear sunny windy days.

Squamish Chief - 700 meters... plenty of cracks to be climbed.

BC green.

It's an OK view from my front balcony. - Mount Habrich.

Summer time - Back in Canada

Heavy traffic heading up to Whistler for the long weekend of CrankWorks crazy mountain bike weekend action. Big air comp
Something not to be missed up here.
few shots of the Red Bull Joyride.

Every year, younger, ballzier, bigger, crazier air and tricks are showed.
20-year-old local boy Brandon Semenuk walked home with a fat $25 000 cheque!

Colombian colors