Few shots from september and october...
Jen and I looking over Piedmont valley.
 On top of Cap Molson, Saint Sauveur des monts.
 Yap not the ski hills of Whistler! - I might have to pick up hockey this winter...
 Beautiful Quebec fall, one thing I always missed living in BC.

 Riding Jenny Rocket around the country side.

 Francois Roy after a sweet paddle of the Fleuve Saint - Laurent, Rimouski.
 Jen walking in Kamouraska farmland.
 Yoga time next to Petite Riviere du Nord.
 Mike Burke on a sweet 5.11 at Cap des Peres, Quebec.
 Ulric Rousseau pulling over colors at Cap des Peres, Quebec.

 Ma belle amie Caroline Lebel...
Caro and I both lived in Squamish for several summers, we've laughed and climbed our
brains off, then she moved back to Quebec and I disappeared in the Rockies, Jasper to be precise
where I started planning my 4 year motorbike journey...
I was great to hook up with my good old friend this summer, now living near Rimouski, Jen and I
took advantage to pay her a visit. It had been  7 years since we had seen each other.
She turned the BIG 40 number this sept, with a little baby boy Gabriel soon on his way to!!!
 Silhouette climber at Cap des Peres.
 Jen Smith climbing in our backyard, Piedmont, Quebec.
 Isabel Laughrea climbing a 5.11 in Kamouraska, Bas - Saint - Laurent, Quebec.
 Pierre Cornellier stretching over the Saint - Laurent at Le Bic, Quebec.
 Chica staying away from politic conversations.
Erin Michie climbing the Saint Lawrence River, Le Bic, Quebec.