Finally winter !!!!

It's been over 20 years since I skied near my hometown of Saint Sauveur des Monts,
After living in Whistler since 1992, I decided that spending a winter near my family 
after traveling in South America for the past 4 years would be a good idea.
I got hired as the photographer for the local ski hill of Saint Sauveur des Monts and been spending everyday on the hill skiing and shooting since they're open. It ain't Whistler!!! but mother nature is treating us with a good start, over 80 cms has fallen in december, last year they had this much snow in the entire season! - but I didn't care since I was surfing in Costa Rica.
6 years since I last steeped in my skis,it sure feels good...
So here are some photos of the beginning season so far, more snow on the way and Ice to climb.
After all ... this place ain't that bad... just look at the pics, you'll see...