Surf's up at Praia Felix - Brazil

Itamambuca was like a pool today, completely flat. So off we went for a mission at Praia Felix, 4 kms north.
Small but perfect waves.

Leandro and Ruda walking the beach trail.

Welcome to my home

This says it all....

Even before coming to Ubatuba. I was told not to miss it. Few friends told me about the area. I first heard about it in Bariloche Argentina when a friend told me it was " the gem " the lost forgotten world. You could easily film a "LOST" episode. The coast along Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro is one of the most beautiful stretch of coast line in Brazil. The BR - 101 - hwy cruises along the 90 some beaches. I have yet seen the best to come thats between here and Rio de Janeiro!
The landscape is spectacular, as you ride along the windy and hilly road with green lush mountains to one side and perfect nested beaches on the other side. Most beaches are a short drive down from the main road, which keeps the area without traffic. Looking from a surfers view out in the ocean ... you barely see any homes, but green lush forests.

Arriving close to Ubatuba, the main town (city) in the area. I had beta - ( info) - from another friend to go to Itamambuca for better waves.
So I continued on north 13 kms until I saw the road sign for Itamambuca. As I pulled out at the first exit when I saw " camping" I though I'de check it out. Rode down the VERY local road, with wondering eyes looking at Gringo coming in with a full decked motorbike and a surfboard - plated CANADA -
It didn't feel too right so I went back on the road... next exit was a much better welcome!
As I passed by the guard gate, saw the grocery store so I was happy at least there was food... (other road looked very bare~)
I started going up and down the dirt roads leading to the beach, all numbered 1 to 25... each parallel ending with it's own private beach walk. I saw no signs of possada - hostels - camping - nothing.
Next thing I know, * Fabio * come by with his- BMW- asks me if I 'm looking for a possada. Turns out I am!!
He takes me around the corner where I had just come from. No signs where it says - Posada - but turned out to be one.

Here in Itamambuca, is more local, less tourist crowds come in - Gringos go more to Paraty - Trindade - but few past by the secret spots... That's the main advantage of a moto transport!
I settled in after dealing a reasonable price with Fabio. I have the whole place to myself. Pool, - (like I need it!!) beach, jungle, sunshine and a grocery store!
Not bad... so I made it base camp for a while. I dumped all my stuff on the floor, slipped in my shorts and grabbed my board, walked down the dirt road for a surf sesh... The streets are all dirt, camouflaged by the jungle rainforest.
One small school for all the local kids. One grocery store, if you need more... 10 kms south!
This place has it's famous name of Uba- SHUVA - ( shuva means rain)... But right now the sun is shinning...
so I fallow the sun, surf some waves, climb some boulders, see some amazing beaches and listen to the sounds of the rain forest and waves down the road...
I can't say it's a bad office...
so now back to work,
Here is my casa...

Here is my casa...

The dragon protecting the house.

Entrance.... reading room??

Welcome to my office... with a view of the pool!!

the kitchen...

living room... my room upstairs!

oh and the pool.. very nice! but I never use it... ocean is 300 meters away.

And sometime we eat Asado - BBQ and beers...

Outdoor shower.

Little birdy of Mata Atlantica.

The back yard trail to beach

Praia Itamambuca surrounded by green mountains...

Funky tree roots

Local transportation

the backyard Praia Itamambuca

Disco surf mobile...

No waves... so Beer time.

Driving around in search of waves - with beat box DJ Miguel.

Red sky at night... sailor's delight!

Surf's up on the coast of Ubatuba

Praia Vermelha

It will swallow you alive!

Just a little big.

Praia Vermelha from the car window. What a shity drive!

Bouldering session at Praia Forteleza - Ubatuba

Now thats a gas station! Brazilian Formula #1. ... even makes my bike look better! Notice the nice palm trees in back ground.

a 20 min walk along the beach then right side point... yap.. long approach!

Praia Forteleza

Just another secret beach along the way.

A fun slab traverse over a slippery - scary - landing...

Leandro snapping a few last shots.

Better go before we get wet!