One month at home.

We have now been in Ottawa Ontario a month visiting my family. The city isn't really my place so we need to keep active and find ways to burn extra energy. Running as been one good way to get our legs and lungs in shape and indoor climbing is the most we can do out here. This isn't Squamish! No 600 meter walls are found around the
area, so indoor climbing gym will have to do. We found a good gym ( nearby.
A great gym with plenty of quality boulder problems and routes.

It's been great to get back in our climbing shoes and get pump.

Finding a path of fresh air near Ottawa.
Trail running in Ottawa

Oh Canada!

A couple enjoying a ride on a tandem bike near Ottawa.
When the Canadian goose birds are flying south, it's also time for us to head south!

It's not a John Deer!

One weekend we drove north to Sainte Agathe near Mont Tremblant to visit my
good friend Martin and his family. Martin and I made the move to the west coast back in
the early 90's. I never came back, ended up staying in the Sea to Sky area to call it home. Martin on the other hand, came back to Quebec to find a cheaper way to live then the expensive West Coast. It' had been many years since we saw each other so catching up was a must.
His lady Brigitte cooked some amazing meals. Thanks Brigitte!
Unfortunately the first weekend we went up, then weather wasn't the best, so we came back the weekend after to enjoy a last stretch of warm weather and get on some rock.
I was very excited to climb in Val David again, This is the place I first got introduced to climbing - 20 some years ago!
I needed to climb all those classics that scared me while learning this new sport.
They sure seemed easy this time around.

Martin on the last pitch of L'arabesque, another classic Quebec at Mont Cesaire
Passing the crux
Martin slam's in a cam on Bloody Hands

Martin's son Justin, climbing in Val David
Here I am leading a classic route, Bloody Hands in Val David
Warm and tasty Chily... So many Thanks to Brigitte for her wonderful home

Someone else who doesn't like the cold.

It was good to spend time with our friend Stephane and his little boy Sol. We met Steph while climbing in Suesca Colombia. He has spend many years back and forth in the country. It was good to catch up with him in Montreal and chat about Colombia.

mmmm. wonder what this one means? Plumber go to the back!
Montreal architecture

Pond Jacque Cartier and the Molson beer company... real Montreal landscape.
Oh yes, the Quebec flag

Chilling in Parc Lafontaine in Montreal.

Colors of fall, one thing I do miss on the west coast is the smell of dry leaves.

Over 90 000 kms of roads...

Over the past 3 1/2 years I've traveled more then 90 000 kms of roads from Jasper Alberta
to Tierra del Fuego Argentina... and now with over 150 thousand plus images to edit for a
slideshow... here is a teaser clip of some of these roads I've encountered in 19 countries
over those years...
enjoy my visual road trip.

Riding the Dream from nomadbiba on Vimeo.