Sup mission on the cold  St - Laurent at Le Bic, Quebec.

Fun fun summer times in the Laurentians - Quebec

 A paddle on la p'tite riviere du Nord near Piedmont, QC

 Electrifying evening over our roof.
 Our friends new cottage view.

 another friends backyard.
 Fun times with good friends on the lake.
 wildlife along the riviere du diable near Mont Tremblant.

 Out for another mission.
 Finding boulders while paddle boarding.
 Our first SUP mission on the river in front of our home.

 Taking some kids out for a day of climbing.
 Our new cat princess Bella.
 Caro and Chica out for a sunset paddle.
 Bringing life to our new home with a turquoise beach style color trim.
 New living room decor
Our new addition to summer fun.... C4 Waterman paddle boards

Cold = Ski and Ice Quebec

 Jorge Akermann on La Diablerete  WI 4+ at - 25c
 You know it's cold outside when your office window in frosty.
 Jen on the Eiger WI4
 New route potential found in my backyard.
 Save our trees!
 Just another beautiful day on the hill, enjoying some vitamin E
 Little photo shoot for Mont - Saint - Sauveur
 New mix route potential, the crack in the roof.
 Jorge Akermann - La Diablerete WI 4+

 Early season Ice

 The Devil's Tooth - WI 5

 Stephane Lemyre on Diablerete WI 4+

Last call...
 Jorge Akermann nails a few first ascents near Piedmont QC.