Back to Canada...

Crazy fashion party in Philadelphia
I needed new wheels for the summer since my bike is still in Costa Rica, so I found this
perfect cruiser set up... 1982 Suzuki GS1100 - little bigger engine then my DR350!
Sweet ride...
Not a beach - no surf - but this will do for now.
Back to work, no more outdoor bungalow life. Always fun to mop the floor.
Jen learning to rappel for her first time. We are lucky to have great climbing 2 minutes
from home.
Here I am, sunny 16 style on sweet Quebec granite.
David raps it up for the day at Montagne d'Argent
Road trip to La Malbaie...
Lovely bush

5 Star hotel Le Manoir in La Malbaie - no we didn't stay there :-(
Discovering new crags in La Malbaie but sorry - it's closed now... private property.
Here we are in Baie de Sainte- Paul...
Running around near Mont Sainte - Anne, we found this pretty little waterfall.
Jen getting ready for a meeting... last minute car preps.
Bouldering along the way at St - Alban.
Bonne St- Jean Baptiste fireworks.
Lazy belay set up.
Another great climb at Montagne d'Argent.
MMmmmm... were to climb today ???
Well, not this crack anyways!
I got brownie points...
Climber dog on watch
Sipping a little wine on one of many of Quebec's great lakes.
Jen in her office...

Our backyard.