Waiting for snow to fall...

Summer heat is over, colder days and nights, it's finally time to store my Jenny Rocket
and get ready to play in the snow.
 See you next spring!!! - We'll miss you...
 Our backyard going off one night- Quebec ain't that bad afterall :-)
 Purely Canadian.
 Jen on a trail run.
 Editing images from my journey on two wheels in Peru. From the Archives,
A first season snow fall on a peak near Huaraz Peru.
 Since it's now getting cold with winter around the corner. I needed new wheels
and something to take me where I need to go without getting stuck in Quebec's
10 cm snow dump! ( a sprinkle of flush in Whistler) ... welcome to the family
" Wilton Rider " a 1995 jeep yj
 Editing Colorado Ice shots... from the Archives " Jay Smith on a solo mission
in Ouray Colorado"
 Calixte Leblanc nailing a first ascent on Gravities Test ...
we lucked out on our trip on the Cal & AL mission...  this Ice formation formed that season
we climbed it, then later on that day, we were told we had climbed a never formed pillar!
few weeks later it collapsed, then never formed again....
Probably the proudest route for my partner Calixte - we named it WI6+
and no one has repeated the same way we did it...
Along the journey while Ice climbing in Ouray. Calixte and I met Warren Macdonald.
A truly inspiring man, lost his 2 legs while on an adventure deep in Australia's backcountry.
But today Warren cranks harder then anyone I know,,, still climbs rock, Ice and bikes all over
the place.
Cal and I decided to pull off a full moon ice mission: climb as much ice as we could
in one night under the full moon,,, so here we got the first full moon ascent on Gratities
test, while I took this photo... Calixte dropped his last remaining Ice screw - with over
15 meters above to go and 15 bellow, on technical ice... he ran it out to the top. Nearly
shitting bricks,  - Unreal
Ice climbing in the rockies the winter before we left on the ...

Going trough my ski archives, Todd Lawson on his way up Rainbow Mountain
after an epic ride....
Sunrise over Fitzroy.
Riding the winter dream, here we are getting ready to ice climbing near Ouray
Colorado, January 2008. minus 15 with motorbikes!! hell ya..
Dreaming of BC Pow Pow....I'll have to deal with Quebec Ice this season...