End of the world Penguins!!

No.. not a penguin! penguins don't fly!!

Well, so far down here... had to do it! I took a tourist boat tour to see some penguins.

Penguin captain...

Puerto Williams - Chile - Very last town of the world.

me in penguin world.

lonely penguin

Penguin Beach...

3 muchacho penguins.

Twin penguin.

Wild light at the end of the world

Ushuaia - End of the world

My camp next to the Atlantic ocean.

My very last 100kms of riding south.

I felt like I was riding in British Columbia! very similar scenery along the way.

A proud moment after riding over 2years, I finally made it, It was a great feeling to see this sign. Over 50 000 kms from Jasper Canada...

Cruise ships heading to Antarctica.

Weather changes very fast in Ushuaia...

Punta Arenas - most southern Chilean city to Ushuaia, end of the world!

I left Puerto Natales in a down pour, but luckily it only lasted 5 minutes. After I left the gas station, rain stopped and I was riding with the wind on my back. I had a 250 kms stretch to Punta Arenas. The road was paved all the way with a tail wind, it was a fast ride. Punta Arenas is nothing special but a port city with a free tax zone at high price. It is the most southern city in Chile. People are nice and it's extremely windy. I spent a couple days relaxing and getting my bike ready with an oil change before my last stretch to Tierra del Fuego - Ushuaia - the very end of the road.
I took the ferry to Porvenir (2 1/2 hours) and landed in the "Land of Fire" Tierra del Fuego. I rode to the Argentinian border just before dark. After 1/2 hour getting my stamps and paper work, I rode off towards the Atlantic ocean. It had been over a year since I was last on this side of the continent. As it got darker and colder it was time to stop and camp. I found a perfect spot next to the Atlantic ocean just north of Rio Grande. Just after I was settled in my tent, it started to pour down rain... lucky once again! I fell asleep to the sound of the ocean and started day dreaming about my last 240kms to the very end of the road... Ushuaia, here I come.
The next morning the sun was shinning and it was a great feeling to be on my way to the end of the road. It was a moment I had been waiting for being 2 years on the road, over 50 000kms of riding, from dirt roads to pave roads, snow and rain, 16 countries, amazing scenery, amazing people. I rode all this distance without any bike problems, no flat tires, nothing stolen. I have to give a big thanks to my good buddy Calixte Leblanc of Canada that road with me from Jasper Canada to Costa Rica, and to Angela Leighton of Santiago Chile that also came on a long 10 month stretch from Costa Rica to LaPaz Bolivia - and never ridden a motorbike in her life, she impressed me every day on the road!!! Thank you for making my trip so special and sharing so many great moments. A trip never to be forgotten with you guys. So many thanks to many people that supported me along the road, to you riders that shared sections along the way. This dream ride wouldn't of been the same without all of you. Another accomplished dream of mine under my belt, from now the road will be north...hopefully continue riding without any problems. I will be making my way back via Carretera Austral - ruta 7 then to Buenos Aires, up Uruguay, Brazil... to Colombia...
so stay tunned, as the Adventure continues...

Torres del Paine - 7 day trek

The Famous trek of Torres del Paine, (or Tour of Pain) full circuit, 100 kms in 6 nights - 7 days.
Everything from pour down heavy rain, muddy trails, 100kms plus hour wind, snow, steep uphills, slippery downhills sunshine, hot, cold, stupid tourists, awesome tourists, sore feet, blisters, sore back, wet boots, wet clothes, wet camera, expensive bread, expensive beers, expensive camping fees, muddy campgrounds, beautiful scenery, overall... amazing trek! photos says it all.

wind was so strong here, that after I took the photo, it blew me in the bushes.

Another lucky day with beautiful sunshine.

Lago Paine and Rio Paine with perfect weather, but over 100kms wind!

Big wall of Cerro Tridente

view of the Torres towers from the back side. It's rare to get this clear view from this side of the mountains.

Refugio Dickson next to Dickson Lake

Glaciar Los Perros

A wet and muddy section at Los Perros

coming up Paso John Gardner.

The massive Glaciar Grey.

view of west face - Cuerno Principal, cuerno Norte and Cuerno Mascara.

Another great camp spot in a river bed - with a view!

Suspension bridge over Rio del Frances.

East face of Cumbre Principal 3050 meters, highest peak in the Torres.

Back into my wet boots.

A million dollars camping view!

View of the Cuernos East face.

Tricky river crossing.

Most expensive bread in the world!! $10, with $5 beers, and $4 tuna... the dirt bag dinner at high coast!

The trail into Refugio Chileno, the last push of day 6.

Far view of the Torres, saved the best for last.

End of the trek with a rewarding view of the Torres at sunrise.

The Torres towers... central, north and south at sunrise.