For the past 2 weeks I've put away the climbing shoes and camera to get some computer work cappuccino drinking and editing done.
It's been wet and rainy in Bogota. Once in a while sun will peak out, telling me I should be heading back to the rock...
Little excursion to the Botanical garden in the city to get fresh air ... and a few shots.

Enjoy a walk threw nature,

Climbing Suesca....

Bienvenidos ... Colombia's mega climbing spot, ..... Suesca Roca

My plan wasn't coming to Suesca! i was supposed to hit the coast to warm surf and beach...
Here I am, 3 weeks later, climbing and chilly cold nights in Suesca. Sandbag cracks and runout sporty routes,
Over 500 plus routes, more then handful of boulders, chill vibe. Slow internet, forcing my time to shoot and
climb. The only question? Who knows how long I'll be here. I barely scratched the surface of this rock paradise...

Welcome to Casa de Floro,

Vivi.s little home.

Santi getting racked up for another day in Suesca.

Chilling out under the stars of Suesca.

Down the tracks with Virgen de Rocas sitting above the giant white roof protecting the cliffs of Suesca.

Plenty of rock, over 3 km.

Vivi bouldering above Suesca.

Vivi Gomez climbing El Gran Diedro 5.11c Not many female have the gut to lead this long sustained corner crack, finnish with a killer roof traverse.

Crimpy crimpy Santi.

Santiago Contreras on a spicy 5.11d. He linked the 1st 10a pitch crack with the 11d nd pitch, making it over 50 meter climb.

Vivi Gomez climbing High Tech, 5.13d

Santiago Contreras on High Tech - 5.13d

Vivi climbing Paisanisate, 5.12a (hard)

Juan Santiago Vieco climbing, Techo de la abeja 5.10c

Out from the shadow, Vivi climbing Paisanisate, 5.12a

Vivi getting air miles for another rock trip.

Juan Santiago Vieco climbing, Techo arecho 5.11

Viviana Gomez Vega climbing El ocaso de los idolos 5.12d.