Banos - what a weird name for a town?? *toilet?*

Fun twisty dirt road to a view point of Tungurahua Volcano (but we never saw it)

Town of Banos

We arrived in Banos a little later then expected. We needed to get there since there was no place to camp along the road.
Finally a sign appeared - 15 kms - aaaahhh. But it was a long 15 kms! Especially after we just finished riding 100kms of dirt twisty, foggy road from Quilotoa.
We didn't want to spend the night in Latacunga, ( a major, loud, busy city after we got back to the Panamerican) We asked at the restaurant how far to Banos, lady told us...
* mas o menos * una hora! On the map it didn't look far.... 3o km kms to Ambato then 30 or so to Banos. Good roads, ahh.. peace of cake.
We are sometimes confused about the KMS sign here. 30 kms can be 50kms. or at least seem like it.
100kms later, we arrived in Banos. Fully exhausted, riding around town trying to find our cheapest best accommodation - with parking for the bikes - we finally settled at *Jireh* at $6 each, hot shower, parking, clean room, TV - couldn't go wrong.

We spent a few days in Banos ( not the toilet - the town) recovering for our Dirt Loop. Walking around the very "Gringo" town nestled between the Rio Pastaza and the (active) Tungurahua volcano. It was a pleasant place to rest. Great restaurants (we still looked the cheapest!) Natural Springs and many water falls along the "Carratera de Cascadas" like the famous - El Pailon del Diablo (the Devil's Cauldron)

We figured a great way to relax was to get a nice relaxing Chinese massage. ( we got suckered into it when we saw the sign - chinese massage - 1 hour - $10 )
It was nice & relaxing, until we got back to our Hostel and Angela asked me what happen to my back... " what do you mean?
" You got big burnt circles! " ( my chinese lady had put some suction cups to release my tight back muscles and left me with 4 big burnt circles for the rest of the week )

It was time to leave Banos and start heading toward some warmer weather. I was anxious to surf again and Angela wanted so sunshine and beaches...

El Pailon del Diablo Falls (the Devil's Cauldron)

San Pedro Falls

Not sure if we should trust this guy!

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