Lima Peru - April 3rd

Parque del Amor - where love birds share secrets at sunset & a traditional place to visit on your wedding day

Some have more luxury wheels then us!! Traveling Swiss style

Centro Lima

Museo Arqueologico Larco Hererra (Largest Peruvian archeology museum)

Hearing from many travelers that Lima was a NO - NO place for motorcyclists, we were a little worried about entering the city.
But it wasn't that bad after all. The traffic wasn't as intense as we experienced in Bogota Colombia, but yes... it was bad enough.
The good thing, we didn't get lost.. we are getting experts at riding around cities by now. Eventually found our way to Miraflores, the nicest - richest part of Lima.
We stayed at the *Hitch Hiker Backpackers Hostal* - really recommend it to any one going to Lima! Great place, close to everything.
It was a perfect place for us to leave our bikes while we went to Santiago. We spent 5 days walking around Lima killing time while we waited for our flight to Santiago...

3 weeks later... here we are, back in crazy Lima!!! happy to find our bikes safely parked. This time we didn't stay long. One day to recover from our travels to Chile & still recovering from the Piscola! Next day to pack the bikes and get ready for the long journey back to Huaraz.
This time getting out of the city back to the Panamerica was a little more intense. Suffocating behind nasty exhaust smog of trucks & busses. We were finally out of the city (2 hours later!) Riding back along the desert scenery of the Panamerica brought back memories of why we hate riding the Panamerica! We said goodbye to the pacific coast for a long time.
It felt good to get back on the winding road back up to Huaraz. Back in the fog, the chills of high altitude, no more desert heat.
It is still rainy season up in the Cordillera Blanca. Luckily we didn't get hit by rain.

Now back in Huaraz. We keep our fingers X for sunshine to trek around the Cordillera for a couple more weeks before making our way to Cuzco via high mountain roads.

Ya... he missed his bus stop a while ago

A desert town north of Lima

The highest pass to date... a chilly 4100 meters ( 13 450 feet)

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