Part 2 - surfing Pichilemu ...

It was time to get back on the mission, leave the city of Santiago and head back to the coast for few more days of surfing.
I gave it another shot in the cold water, but this time it didn't feel that bad. You get use to it after a while, I even surfed my last couple days without booties! Pato and his friend Emilio came to surf only for the day. I met up with a friend, Cristobal, he invited me to stay in his office - casa - situated 200 meters from Punta De Lobos surf paradise. He lent me a wetsuit and board so I could get out surfing a few times before getting back on the road towards the mountains. His generosity was more then I could ask! Thank you Cristo! check out his website!! he makes amazing
After enough sunshine and cold feet, it was time to pack the bike and start riding south, making my way to Bariloche Argentina for a few weeks of rock climbing.

Charlie in another barrel

Cristobal -" watch those cactus!"

ahhh yes... good cold cerveza after cold surf in the warm sun.

Charlie and Wapu chilling

Hey... get me out of here, let's go surfing!! we take my car...

Beautiful Punta de Lobos

another beautiful sunset at Punta de Lobos

not a bad place to stay for few days!!

Wapu, chilling

Cristobal doing what he's best at.

fire and stars at Casa de Cristobal

my bike packed up for another journey to the south

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