La casa de Jim Donini... a little Oasis

I arrived at my friend Jim Donini's house in Puerto Guadal in one piece and NO flat tire with my bald tire after 2 days of hell riding. Jim has a beautiful property on Lago General Carrera, a true get away from it all place. From here I would now ride up La Carretera Austral, route 7 to Puerto Montt in Chile.

Jim's house was a perfect place to relax after the hell ride from El Chalten. We BBQ salmon, steaks, vino and beers, carrots and potatos from the garden. It doesn't get any better. A true Oasis.

The morning after I got to Jim's house, I took my bike to town to get some food for lunch. Not even 2 kms down the road.... Flat tire!!!! I couldn't believe how lucky I was to have ridden all this way on bad roads, in the middle of no where and made it to his house without a flat. -" what's that expression??? shit up your ass???? "

A rare clear sky over San Valentin, Patagonia's highest peak at 4058 meters. Many unclimbed route waiting to be done. Jim has been eyeing the right sky line arete, over 3000 meter face. The main summit is the central peak and has been climbed via the west side on snow slopes, a less technical way.

This is a close up view from Glaciar Exploradores, the main central knife edge arete is Jim's dream soon to be climb line.

Morning coffee with a view... at Donini's Cafe

A few images taken at sunset and sunrise from Jim's balcony! yes... paradise.

As calm as could be over Lago General Carrera.

Sunrise on San Valentin on San Valentine day.

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