Florianopolis - Island of Santa Catarina.

Myself, Harry and German had been staying at Sunset Hostel close to Praia Mole. A beautiful hostel in a prime location
but comes with a price! so after a week it was time to find a new solution to better price. I looked up couch surfing and send
off few emails... describing my journey on 2 wheels, it did catch some attention. I got an email from Tati. A few chats later, German I were on our way for lunch at Tati's.
Tati invited us with open harms to stay in her little beach casa with her 3 dogs as long as we wanted. Harry and I agreed to cook and clean. Tati liked the idea, so we moved in... German stayed at sunset hostel ( himself worked out a deal)
It's been almost 2 weeks now on the island of Santa Catarina - Florianopolis. Between exploring - surfing - beaching - chilling - blogging - shooting - working - eating - socializing, days go by fast. Days are getting shorter, colder as winter is around the corner.
As for now, the wind blows, life is at Brazilian rhythm...

Upgrade from my regular base camp.

Yes watch out! we are guard dogs!!! we like to play.

Home office.

A big swell has been pounding the coast all week. 12 foot even 15 in some spots with heavy wind.
No one was out surfing. But one guy had it all to himself. If you're brave enough to past the breaks,
you'll have a big ocean to yourself!

If you can make it in... you can get this!

Harry and German chilling out - watching some live TV.

Praia da Solidao. South of the island.

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