Back on the road...

Leaving the comfort of a nice home is sometimes the hardest part. Repacking, getting back on the road.
It was time to leave my friend Tatiana's beautiful home and her wonderful 3 dogs. Her hospitality was more then we could ask for.
3 weeks have past by very quick, Harry was going back towards Uruguya and I was to continue north towards Rio de Janeiro.
There had been lots of rain these days so I knew I might be in for a wet ride. - Not fun especially on the Brazil highways.

I went back to Backpackers Sunset Hostel for a couple more nights to say goodbye to some friends. The morning I decided to leave, it started pissing rain, so I waited... 2 hours later it cleared so I went for it. It was early enough to make it to Curitiba. Riding out of Florianopolis was good, it felt great to be back in the saddle, back to unknown territory. The sun came out making it an enjoyable ride. Until 100 kms from Curitiba, threw mountain pass, rain started to come down hard. Then traffic slowed down. The good thing about riding a bike, you don't really get stuck in traffic, you just ride by. At one point traffic was stopped for almost 5 kms. When I finally got the a truck that had flipped upside down in the middle of the highway. I passed by 3 accidents in 300 kms. Not bad average for Brazil highways.
With heavy rain it was hard sometimes to see threw my scratched up plastic visor. And riding with a surfboard on my bike adds an extra challenge.
The rain stopped when I got close to Curitiba, thank god, I could dry off a little and made it easier to find my way around the city.
Brazilian cities are busy, fairly big in my Canadian standard. Curitiba only has 3 million people! Getting lost is not a good option. I stopped at a gas station to ask where I could find the hostel I was looking for. Luckily it happen to be 2 blocks away!
I rolled in Hotel Roma.
The next morning I was woken up by a group of about 50 kids that arrived in a bus. It was only 7am. I got an early start and got back on the road towards Peruibe where I was going to meet a friend to stay with from Couch Surfing. It was a long weekend so no one was out on the road. Good thing cause I still manage to get lost trying to get out of Curitiba. I was glad there was no cars on the road. Cloudy, cold but no rain. I was happy to leave the city and make my way back towards the coast.

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