A day in Rio de Janeiro...

I never seem to get up before 8:30 am, always 9. But I wake up instantly. It's time for coffee, - no I'm not addicted... but it sure makes me get out of bed! - The day starts with emails, catching up on my blog, edit images, drink coffee, check on the surf report, weather... mostly sunny, what to do today!?... 2 coffees later, it's time to get the caffein out of the system and walk down to Leme beach 2 blocks down and catch a few waves for a couple hours. Stomach tells me to get out, time to eat. Go back, eat some food, rest an hour then hop my motorbike to climb a few pitches at Sugarloaf. On the walk back, hit a few boulder problems to get a last pump, See the sun setting over the bay before riding the bike back to Leme to mix up a few caipirinhas to finnish the day. The days seem to fill in very easily in Rio. Never run out of things to do. You could go on a marathon and go right around the clock for 24 hours... end your early morning dancing some Samba lost in a bar down in Lapa. ( A famous samba - clubs - district near downtown).
Soon it will be time to get back in the saddle and move on to new zones. Only 6 months allowed on my moto and visa for Brazil, I've already been in the country 3 1/2 months, not even half way! There is just too much to see in the amazing country.
Let's see where the Dream Rider takes me next....

Few pics of another day playing in Rio..

Welcome to Leme beach.

Catching some waves in Leme.

Snack shop on the beach... never go starving here.

Yap, this is the scene walking around here, pretty lame, in Leme..!!!

After surf... head to sugarloaf on the other side of the hill for a few pitches of awesome rock climbing.

My friend Regina learning quick the skills of Slab climbing.

The view is OK...

Regina bought brand new shoes, she was hooked on climbing after few days out with size twice too big learning on slab, it was time to make the call, "You Can DO IT!!!" so pulled out the Creditcard "waaammmm"
next thing you know... we were out bouldering... what a difference...

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