For the past 2 weeks I've put away the climbing shoes and camera to get some computer work cappuccino drinking and editing done.
It's been wet and rainy in Bogota. Once in a while sun will peak out, telling me I should be heading back to the rock...
Little excursion to the Botanical garden in the city to get fresh air ... and a few shots.

Enjoy a walk threw nature,

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  1. Excellent photos!!! The Bogotá Botanical Garden is a small sample of the nature that God gave to our country and we must take care of it, there teach us how to care for and preserve it so preserve the lives of our future children... Also we can find a great knowledge and you can find very old plants, ferns, roses, there are patriotic emblems of our country as the orchid and palm wax. It`s a spectacular place to interact with the nature!

    Josefina - Bogota Tours