Cartagena - Colombia

After doing plenty of research about crossing back to Panama, either by boat, plane or an adventure along the Darien Gap with some roads and small boats - which can turn out into a nightmare epic at this time of year!. ( The gap is still not connected and most like will never be, due to drug trafficking and multiple other reasons.)
I knew my options were slim to get myself and my bike across for a fair price.
While surfing the net, I came across the - Meta Comet - A reliable looking boat with a price to fit my budget.
My bike dilemma was solved and it was time to ride my last 120 kms to Cartagena to meet this boat.
Bianca came with me for her last ride and to spend our last couple days together in Cartagena.
We arrived at the dock just in time to meet 4 guys who just happen to come off the boat with their motorcycles. Unfortunately we didn't get enough time to chat since the guys on the barge didn't have all day to wait for me and my bike. Next thing I knew, my bike was being loaded on the barge.
We wish the boyz a good trip around on their journey south and motored out to the Meta Comet.

With good timing and a good help, my bike was quickly loaded on the barge.

So the plan is to sail from Cartagena to Puerto Lindo Panama with this boat...
The Meta Comet, a 75 foot old sailing/ wooden fishing boat. Looks cool.
Not really!
Once my bike was loaded on board and tied down, we met Julia the Russian helper and had a quick chat with Herve, the captain. While he showed us around. The boat was bare, not really
any beds or even a toilet to use, our thoughts for spending a nice evening on board was out of questions. I then asked the question - " So when do we leave? " expecting to be in the next day or so. " Oh! not till next week" - " Sorry, I forgot to tell you on the phone" he says.
The main sail was ripped from heavy seas on the journey from Panama, Herve needed to Chill a few days from a rough sail and he also wanted to go to Santa Marta to try and get more crew from Hostels to fill up his boat and lots needed to be done before getting back out at sea.

I was chocked, my bike was now on the boat and we had no intention to stay on the boat for the night so we walked to the old part of Cartagena to have a bite to eat and make a new plan now that we were without my bike for a week.

Local bus ride in Cartagena.

Sunset over Cartagena city.
This is what they thought about USA.... one messed up country.
Julia of Russia will be at your service while on board, but now she's cleaning the kitchen before
Captain Herve coming out of the front cave after a long night.
Skyline view of Cartagena's sky scrappers.
"If we don't do it? who will do it?" a quote from the boat... do what is what I always wondered.
Stormy night &

Spinning around the city.

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