Argentina May 23rd - June 4th 2009

Arriving in Salta was a relief after riding another long dusty section from San Pedro de Atacama Chile. Thinking that
once out of Bolivia, the roads would be better. Wrong! - Some sections of the road in Argentina on Paso de Sico were
some of the worse deep sand I rode.
Salta is a beautiful city with many amazing Colonial buildings in it's center square. Argentina is known for it's good meat and wine. After feasting the best meat sandwiches and too much killer Ice cream... it was time to continue on south taking route 40....

Every night we are able to find sweet camp spots along the road.

Nice pave section along the wineries of Cafayate.

Lonely donkey...

The ruins of Guilmes

Hiding from rain - we camped the night under this bridge. Luckily there wasn't much traffic

Matthias got a flat tire. I was waiting for over and hour in Chilecito, thinking he had broken down. Lucky for him, 10 minutes
after his flat, a trucker stopped and picked him up. put his bike in the back of his trailer and drove him to where I was waiting. The good thing, I was waiting across the street from a tire repair! Fixed his tire for 5 bucks!
The next morning while packing his bike at our camp... his tire was flat. Rode to the nearest town ( he didn't quite make it, walked his bike the last few kms) this time he put a new tube.

Morning frost

Pink sky over the massive Aconcagua 6952 meters

After passing the 2 mile tunnel from Argentina to Chile Border. This is a big sign of global warming. At 3000 meters, this
area for this time of year is normally covered of snow. This is a few KMS from a Chilean Ski Resort - Portillo -which should
be opening in mid June - Not this season!

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