La Paz to Uyuni...

After my dog and dangerous road adventures. I spent one more night in La Paz to rest from dirt before riding more dusty dirt.
My plan was to ride to Uyuni - approx 465 kms - 300 dirt roads. It was a long journey. At sunset I started to look for a camp spot. I saw this little church north of Challapata (a town where hostels could be found, but I rather camp... and its free) thought it would be a great place to be protected from evils, so I set up camp. But it sure didn't protect me from the cold. At minus 7 celsius , it was a cold night. But the stars were bright.
The next day I continued on what would be the beginning of sandy - dusty roads of Bolivia. All the bike stories I had heard of Bolivia, was nothing but bad roads - bikers dropping their bikes every few miles in deep sand, lots of sand - hard to ride.
My DR was the perfect bike for these roads, so I manage to stay on my bike and not crash in the sand.

Fresh squeeze OJ for few cents

My campsite under the stars behind this little church in the middle of nowhere - was one of my coldest nights! 4400 meters on the altiplano. I was lucky my bike started the next day. My watch said minus 7 celsius!

Dusty kids in no name town

More OJ on side of the road

I was going the wrong way... thanks to the friendly local, pointed out at the right direction

more dirt

friends on the road

My first view of the Salar de Uyuni... biggest salt flats in the world

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