Back to Ruta 40 - El Calafate to Puerto Natales Chile

Time to move on south. I was expecting a rough ride to Puerto Natales via ruta 40 once again. But I was lucky to have a tail wind most of the way.
It was easy riding to Puerto Natales, 250kms south of Calafate on the Chilean side. One more time with border paperwork. I was back in Chile. After passing the friendly border winds blew at 100 kms per hour for the last 20kms to Puerto Natales. The scenery was spectacular as I rode downhill towards the ocean. I felt like I was back in British Columbia. The ocean appeared at distance with white snow cap peaks. Arriving in Puerto Natales, the wind was so strong that even dogs could cross the road. Passing along the tin shack homes I felt like I was in an old western cowboy movie. Natales is a quiet little town boosting with backpackers coming and going to the famous trek of Torres del Paine.
Thats what I also came here for... Off I go to trek for 7 days.

Weird things you see on ruta 40

My first clear view of Torres del Paine from ruta 40

More dirt - gravel and wind

A nice change os scenery and colors arriving in Chile.

A view to remember. Back to the ocean, very far south.

Ocean - mountains and Puerto Natales.

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