Torres del Paine - 7 day trek

The Famous trek of Torres del Paine, (or Tour of Pain) full circuit, 100 kms in 6 nights - 7 days.
Everything from pour down heavy rain, muddy trails, 100kms plus hour wind, snow, steep uphills, slippery downhills sunshine, hot, cold, stupid tourists, awesome tourists, sore feet, blisters, sore back, wet boots, wet clothes, wet camera, expensive bread, expensive beers, expensive camping fees, muddy campgrounds, beautiful scenery, overall... amazing trek! photos says it all.

wind was so strong here, that after I took the photo, it blew me in the bushes.

Another lucky day with beautiful sunshine.

Lago Paine and Rio Paine with perfect weather, but over 100kms wind!

Big wall of Cerro Tridente

view of the Torres towers from the back side. It's rare to get this clear view from this side of the mountains.

Refugio Dickson next to Dickson Lake

Glaciar Los Perros

A wet and muddy section at Los Perros

coming up Paso John Gardner.

The massive Glaciar Grey.

view of west face - Cuerno Principal, cuerno Norte and Cuerno Mascara.

Another great camp spot in a river bed - with a view!

Suspension bridge over Rio del Frances.

East face of Cumbre Principal 3050 meters, highest peak in the Torres.

Back into my wet boots.

A million dollars camping view!

View of the Cuernos East face.

Tricky river crossing.

Most expensive bread in the world!! $10, with $5 beers, and $4 tuna... the dirt bag dinner at high coast!

The trail into Refugio Chileno, the last push of day 6.

Far view of the Torres, saved the best for last.

End of the trek with a rewarding view of the Torres at sunrise.

The Torres towers... central, north and south at sunrise.

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