Land of the Yerba Mate... little history...

The Yerba Mate tradition originated with the Guarani Indians living in remote parts of South America long before any of the Spanish settlers colonized it. These natives would hand-carve gourds from the Lagenaria vulgaris trees and use the crushed leaves to fill the hollowed out gourd. They would then use a widdled stick to drink the infusion.
Drinking yerba mate has evolved over the years to an actual art expressed in the extreme diversity in types of Mates and Bombillas. These range in style and price from hand carved, leather covered, as well as silver and gold plated mates. Many people express themselves with customized Mate gourds engraved with inscriptions, along with bombillas with their own initials. The possibilities are endless.
It has grown to be a popular social habit connecting tradition and strengthening the bond of companionship and fellowship between friends and family with the people living in Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil.
The Natural effects of this tea are far beyond those of any other herbal teas. The list of benefits continues to grow. Reports of new uses and discoveries of benefits are being reported everyday. We have even heard of this ritual being used to eliminate or ease the suffering of severe diseases such as; hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, cancer and arthritis.

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