Surf's up in Punta del Diablo

After spending the last 4 months in Patagonia, trekking, climbing, riding dust, winds, pampas to giant peak landscapes. Ocean, sunshine and surf was on my mind. I needed to get back into the ocean. Clean up some of that patagonia dust.
Not knowing much information on this little country nested between giant Argentina and Brazil, Uruguya was a mystery to me.
A friend of mine had sent an email checklist of a few little towns to check out. So I set off for the farther one north... Punta del Diablo.

Punta del Diablo " Devil's point or end" is a small fishing village situated 40 kms away from the Brazil border. In high season it can reach a tourist population of approx 20 to 25 thousand people! 99% tourists from Argentina and Brazil coming to enjoy the sun, beautiful beaches and surf. In low season, april - oct, the place turns into a ghost town of approx 500 locals. You get the beach, waves & sun... all to yourself. With several eatery joints open and only few hostels still running. Punta del Diablo turns into Diablo Tranquilo.

I rolled in town on still fairly busy time. Riding in the small pueblo along the wooden tin shacks, sandy road. Trying not to run into Mr. tong Argentina and miss watermelon size rack. I stopped to ask where I could find Hostel Diablo Tranquilo. They point out the way and not even 1/4 mile down the road, I was lost in a maze of mini beach casas and fisherman shacks.
Pulling in the Diablo Tranquilo, it's name stood for itself. Backpackers swinging on the porch hammocks and chill vibe tunes welcoming your presence. I knew right away I had found the perfect zone I was looking for the next few weeks while I needed to wait for my new passport. ( I had no more pages left in my passport after 2 1/2 years on the road). I unpacked my bike and instantly went looking around to rent a surfboard. I needed some ocean time.

Base camp was set. My tent in the back of the hostel under the shady tarp. Now I needed to buy a surfboard. No way I was going to rent everyday. Happen to be lucky and next door friend Diego had exactly what I needed. Killed the bank account and went to work at sea. Perfect meter to two meter waves were pumping during a good solid week. My days were spent in the water. - clean that patagonia dust!
Evenings stories were shared at night over few beers and wine with travel tails and tips. Diablo Tranquilo became a home away from home for few travelers. Some end up staying several months helping out in kitchen/ bar or at the reception. Others are on their way thru towards Brazil or Argentina. Another Yerba Mate is brewed, time to hit more surf. No more then a dozen surfers are out. Some days I would be in the water alone! The town turns into a ghost town after Semana Santa is over. ( April 4th) April brings some of the best swells so it's a good time to be here.
Weeks have passed by fast. It's getting closer to winter now so the ocean is colder and chill evenings. It's time to head north... I have my Brazil visa stamped in my freshly new passport. A stretch of 1000 kms to my next destination... Imbituba Brazil.

Hostel - Bar El Diablo Tranquilo, the perfect spot to chill.

Classic fisherman home in Punta del Diablo.

Home away from home...


  1. Awesome shots Alain!
    Been awesome having you around, gunna be a sad day when you head up to Brazil.

  2. Hostel is a place that you can go to rest your weary head when on the road.

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