another beach day in paradise...

Another clear sky day was on the forecast for Rio de Janeiro. So the plan for today, " Let's go sailing or climbing or beach? "
I met Marcelo threw couch surfing, a website designed for travelers to meet other travelers or locals you can stay with.
Marcelo's profile is " Velas ao vento " with a photo of a sail... (sailing with the wind). I thought we could get along with some
good adventures and show me around Rio. Profile also mentioned climbing, so even better...

I spent my first week in Rio staying at a crappy hostel ... not mentioning names... but we had a curfew, no talking after 10 pm in the little alley way where 7 hostels are crammed in. The vibe is cool, until 10 pm! " Porfavor!!!!" you must leave outside!
no place to hang out, great location near the beach in Ipanema! but not the best hostel comfort I was looking for. Marcelo couldn't host me since his mother was staying with him for a few weeks until one day he came by telling me his mom had left.
So I moved in...
My new location wasn't glamourous Ipanema beach... Leme, not as posh as neighboring beach Copacabana, it is more quiet, as many gorgeous bodies, surf, same sand... same ocean... Marcelo has the perfect location apartment. In less then 10 minutes, we ride the my bike to the nearest quality crags, or we walk down one block to the surf.
Marcelo grew up here in Leme, so he knows the spots, he knows when the surf is good and knows the classic good climbs. From sailing with * Obelix* his 27 foot sailboat, to climbing granite towers around the city of Rio, surfing his front yard, or learning the best techniques to make Caipirinhas..- the Brazilian cocktail! It's great to have met a local that enjoys his local grounds at 100%

Time has gone by without even noticing I have been in Rio a month now. Everyday, a new climb, a good swell, or just another day at the beach seem to fill in the clock. Next thing you know, it's Caipirinha hour... the sun sets over the mountains lost behind the high rise apartments that front row the entire beach, the city turns into a glow light puzzle between granite towers, Christo is light up above Corcovado. The music begins and samba swings...
I've seem to forget that I'm riding a motorcycle and supposed to be on an adventure... instead I've sank in the Cariocas lifestyle, As long as I keep doing my dishes, Marcelo seems to have many adventure plans ahead...what mountain to climb next? where to surf our next waves? what project climb you want to work on? or what boulder problem there is to solve...
or maybe just another hike on the back side of sugarloaf just to go see the sunset or why not soak in some sun on one the too many beaches around. For now, it's a day by day rhythm, shooting plenty
of good images, soaking in plenty of sunshine, organizing a mess of thousands of digital images and perfecting my Caipirinha skills.
Rio ... I'll be here a little longer .... " we still haven't done the crossing of the eyes!!" Marcelo said... just another classic climb!

Waves, sun and sand in a city...

oh yes... another beach beauty.

Marcelo catching a few waves.

Coconut water anyone? The most popular beach drink.

This is wet!?!

Oh lala... i've got to come shower more often!

How's my tan line?

Here they take beach soccer seriously. the game is called *altinho* The idea is to keep the ball in the air, using any part of the body.

mmm.. yap, photo says it all... fun fun in the sun...

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