Climbing the classic route... Via dos Italianos

One of the *must do* climbs in Rio is Via dos Italianos...
a moderate line that climbs the west face of Sugarloaf mtn, straight under the gondola. Our plan was to climb later in the day so we could get to the top right at sunset. Once again, Marcelo gave me all the leads for the onsight. The climbing is exposed and amazing quality rock with great views...
We climbed the 1st 100 meters of the route to a good ledge where the sun was starting to set behind the mountains. From this part on, a cable (via Ferrata) can be climb to the top. So Marcelo and I waited for the sun to set then continued the last 180 meters in the dark using the cable. It was extremely crowed on top of Sugarloaf. While sipping on a cold beer, 3 guys approached us asking if we had just climbed the face of Sugarloaf?? We explained to them the climb we did... when one of them told me... " Oh! I thought it was garbage on the wall!!, I didn't know people could climb up here!" I thought I saw you guys! "

Yap... we were just another pile of garbage hanging out! Got to love the creative minds of none climbers!
well... another great climb and beautiful day in Rio...

Here I am going for second pitch.

Marcelo coming up pitch one.

Chilling half way up. Another beautiful sunset over Rio.

Marcelo climbing the last cable pitch of CEPI. (via Ferrata)

We hung out at the top under this little cave over the lights of Rio.

Downtown lights of Rio.

The city is alive!

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