1500 km Amazon river journey

Good thing I didn't have to do this by myself!

These guys were just waiting for money before loading in the bike into the boat, unfortunately they got nothing and still put my bike in.

Welcome to Hammock world!

1500 km boat mission along the amazon river. The entire river is nearly 6500 km long!

We went for the pimp cabin.

Others stay in hammocks ...

A beautiful sunset leaving Belem

Off we go.... 6 day journey on the Amazon River.

This is what's happening to the amazon forest!

This kid was the boat DJ, he had a small radio with only a few songs... 6 days of REPEAT!

A narrow part of the amazon river.

Some are lucky with motor power boats.

Kids would come next to the boat and hang off the side tires for a ride.

Some people would come and hook up on the boat at fairly high speed. Tie their boats and come on board to sell shrimps.

Not everyone with a pimp canoe.

Another loaded boat cruising by.

Life in the jungle.

Another town along the riverside.

Getting ready to jump the gap.

Amazing sunset.

Storm building up.

another day gone by...

waterfront cemetery.

Little wooden church.

A loaded boat.

Little town of Breves

Kids ready for business.

Arriving in another small town to unload more stuff.

Regina on book #2. Not much to do but watch the scenery pass by and read...

My bike packed with the onions and tomatoes.

I wonder how much they charged for these mannequins for the ride???

So where do all the fish go? Don't ask!

Re - loading the Santarem in Santarem town. ( our boat is the right one )

Last sunset before Manaus.

The bike is out,re- packed, we survived the 6 day day journey after 3 days of not eating.

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