Kitesurf near Fortaleza

After a bad night sleep in our shit hole room without a fan or water, we decided to ride 200 km to the city of Fortaleza.
Arriving in cities is always a bit stressful riding around with a surfboard on a loaded bike. We have to be careful of not getting lost in a bad neighborhood. Fortaleza is a fairly big city, like most Brasilian cities! It can be dangerous.
We didn't really know what area to go search for hostels. After a few laps around, we found a few hotels, but the prices were way out of our range. So we decided to try on the outskirts, an extra 20 km took us out of the city in a more peaceful environment. We happen to find Pousada Veneza along the highway near the small town of Cumbuco. Owned by a Italian - German guy who was full of stories and also made real Italian pizzas.
We spent 4 days relaxing and catching up with the internet world and tuning up my bike for the next leg.
Cumbuco happen to be a kite surfing paradise. We never heard of the place. I would have liked to try it out so I could join my friends once back in Squamish. But the price was way to high to even consider a lesson... for now I'll stick to my free surfboard...
Unfortunately, there was more wind then waves.

Our nice pousada - finally! no more shit holes. The morning we packed to leave, the owner told us a story how dangerous the area is... while he was away in Europe, some guys were here having beers when a few other guys showed up with machine guns and executed the one guy on the spot!!! he even showed us bullet holes in the pool! He said luckily there was no guest staying at the time! ( luckily WE were not there!) the area is very well know for drugs... so is all of Brasil!!!

Coconut trees and sunset.

Cumbuco beach and kite schools.

Kiters at Cumbuco.

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