From the coast to the Andes mountains

After my epic bike tune-up it was time to finally get out of Coro and hit the road to the Andes. I had a 700 km ride ahead.
I said goodbye to my friend Chivo and his family and got on the road.
It was long flat ride along mostly boring scenery. My bike was riding like new so it felt good to be back in the saddle. Every gas stations I pulled in, I was being interviewed and questioned about my trip and again.. " You LOCO man " a few would say about my surfboard. Some thought it was my bed! Everyone just wanted to pose a shot with me from their phone cameras. I think by now I must be in thousands of different facebook albums.
I met another group of riders along the way at a gas station. They were also on their way to Merida. They asked me where I was going to stay for the night. I had NO idea. They told me to pass the city of Valera and ride up higher in the mountains to La Puerta.
I was sure glad to have that info when I reached the heavily traffic city of Valera. I still had plenty of daylight left so continued on to La Puerta and found a nice cozy posada for a night sleep.
La Puerta is a nice little mountain town at the entrance of the Andes at 2000 meters, the air is fresh. The next morning I continued on 150 km to Merida along some of the most spectacular scenery road in Venezuela. With a high pass above 4200 meters.
When I reached the pass I took a rest and could feel my head pounding from the high altitude. More people wanted to snap photos and more questions were ask about my trip. I must of spent an hour answering questions.
But people in Venezuela are extremely friendly. They want to help you in anyway they can.
From here on it was all downhill to Merida. Passing threw small villages and more beautiful scenery....

Along the road snacks... Sugar cane juice...

Yummi Cachapa, a traditional Venezuela pancake made from corn.

High plateau farm land. The scenery along the way reminded me of Peru.

Perfect mountain roads.

Up and up and up threw the valley... I wouldn't want to be in a bus!

I sure make heads turn around when passing by people with a surfboard in the Andes.

The twisty mountain pass at 4000 meters.

The high pass at 4279 meters, I could sure feel the thin air coming from sea level!

A pimp toyota, many of those around.

My friend here wanted to have a drink with me, but told him I had to drive... It looked like he drank the hole bottle anyways.

Colorful flower shop.

below, the twisty road and Pico Bolivar.

Pico Bolivar.

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