Flying like a bird over Merida Venezuela - Paragliding.

Since I arrived in Merida, I've been spending most of my time working on images and stories - catching up to the internet world. Merida is a fairly good size city surrounded by the high Andes mountains. One of the main attraction was the longest - 13.2 km - teleferico ride. It is the highest in the world at an altitude of 4,765 meters. But unfortunately it has been shut down since 2008 for renovations.
Other attractions are, walking around the busy streets and eating ice cream at the *Guiness Book of World Records* shop for having the most ice cream flavors! They now have over 1,000 such as Calamari, Ham and Cheese, Beans, the traditional flavors and some with a twist of alcohol like beer flavor. - I sticked to the classic chocolate flavor! No thanks.. I'll pass on the fish flavors!
Merida is a true paradise for outdoor enthusiasm like myself. From mountain biking, hiking, rafting or climbing high peaks like Pico Bolivar at 5007 meters - the highest in Venezuela.
I got the opportunity to see the area from a birds eye view, paragliding.
Thanks to my friend Robert, a fellow Swiss traveller on a two week vacation here in Venezuela.
We met at our friends house Maigualida while couch surfing. He wanted to try paragliding but didn't want to go alone so he paid my share to join him for a flight. I don't know how to pay him back for his generosity, I guess a few professional photos will do the trick...

Thanks Robert! And thanks to Fanny tours & Adventures for an amazing flight!

The pilots getting ready.

Relax Robert! everything is going to be fine!!!

Goodbye Robert! Enjoy....

Looking up the valley towards Merida.

It turned out to be another great day in the office...

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  1. wicked photos Alain...that must've been an amazing experience!!
    You should stay down there until we can come see you in June!!! Whoop, whoop...T&T