Beautiful Canadian Rockies...

It was nice to be back in Jasper on the exact date that Calixte and I left 4 years ago
- sept 29th 2007 - on the ( I hadn't seen Cal in 3 years so
it was good to catch up. Unfortunately the weather wasn't blue bird. Mostly cold, grey and wet.
We spent most of our time editing images and drinking coffee at Cal's.
But we still got to enjoy a nice walk in Maligne Canyon, a good run at Point Old Fort,
a scenic cruise to Pyramid lake, eat Coco's amazing breakfast Burritos.
We saw 2 moose! coyote and elks.
And a fun drive to Maligne lake in Cal's new Mitshubishi Eclipse sports car...
Overall... not a bad 4 day visit in Jasper National Park.

Pyramid Lake in Jasper under grey clouds, rain, cold... yes it's the rockies.

Maligne Canyon - ©Bianca photo

Going for a ride in Calixte new sport car... Mitsubishi Eclipse.

Maligne Lake road and the Endless Chain.

Funny photo they use for a Canadian add on motorhome.... Alberta.... Grand Canyon??

Need a back scratch?

Wildy Coyote searching for the Road Runner... beeeb beeb...

Moose eating sushi in Medicine Lake.

Mama moose and Baby moose.

reflexion - Medicine Lake - Jasper National Park.

Athabasca Falls.

The chinese umbrella man walking in my photo. Thanks Buddy!

Native Totem at Sunwapta.
We tried to leave Jasper early in the morning but ended up running around getting breakfast wraps and saying hello to
the crew at - Jasper local newspaper. They supported my two wheel journey by publishing some
travel stories, thanks guys!!! if you google my name in their search engine, you can read my articles.

Finally we were on our way south on the Icefield Parkway. they weather was still very cloudy and wet. But
had a few windows here and there for a more scenic drive then expected.

Peaks poking out.

The Columbia Icefield receding every year,

Icefield Parkway near Weeping Wall.

Weeping wall. - Unreal this place turns into a vertical Ice rink climbers heaven...

Just another peak along the way...

Flower Power.

another boring road side attraction...

Near Saskatchewan crossing. Forming the bad ass water ice of the ( Taberbnac wall ) hard and beautiful Ice climbs.

Peyto Lake, Not a bad view...

Back on the road.

Crowfoot Glacier

We soon found out why the glacier had that name.

Zooming in on Mount Victoria

Mount Victoria - dividing Alberta / British Columbia.

Pure beauty.

Moraine Lake. I 've seen many lakes in my years of travels around the world... But this one, IS the most
beautiful lake in the world.... Not doubt about it.

Bianca looking at the south face of Mount Temple.

Mount Temple 3543 meters - 11 600 feet.

Bianca stretching out the legs along Bow River near Castle Mountain.

The bear says it all.

Johnston Canyon. Another nice place to enjoy a scenic fresh air walk.

Coffee was more on my mind.

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