Montezuma Falls

No more then 20 kms away is the little fishing town of Montezuma, also another tourist trap.
Near town is a beautiful series of waterfalls.
With the weather getting hotter as we get more into dry season, going for a dip in some fresh
pools sounded like a good plan.
So we packed a few cold beers and sunscreen, a short ride on the motorbike along fun but dusty dirt road takes you there in no time.

Luckily we arrived before the crowed and got to enjoy a couple hours of fresh water soaking.
The top fall is approx 15 feet - you can dive into a deep pool. Below this pool is the big 45 foot drop.
No one jumped the big sucker that day, but plenty do...
and the final falls, over 90 feet, not many go for the dare. But I heard it's been done!

Jennifer heading to the smaller fall
Looking down the top fall, 15 some feet.
... and she goes for the perfect dive! a good 9.5 on this one.
The lower fall is the biggest, near 90 feet.
Jen enjoying the fresh water pool at the lower fall.

I found a nice boulder problem next to the big fall. The slimy and thin holds
made it hard to climb higher.
The 45 foot drop, no one jump. But one guy did stand on top nearly 1/2 hour
and made his girlfriend wait for the photo while she sat in the blazing sun!
he chickened out... and his girl was pissed.
I looked at it, very tempting, but didn't jump due to bad knees (and I'm getting old :-)

Montezuma beach.

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