Reef Rider.... The Aurora Delfine 2

February 14th - Valentines day...
"Plans can change quickly around here." I've heard Tomas say this many times.
My partner Jennifer and I had dinner plans that evening. Go to a nice Argentinian Parilla and have a good steak, glass of red wine, maybe some chocolate for desert.
Until the phone rang that afternoon, ... " Jennifer", I announce... "sorry our plans have to be changed."
" Tomas just called, he needs bread, gatorade, bottles of red wine, and other crap I can't remember and he wants us to come over tonight and get on the boat for a few days with him."
I guess dinner date will be another night...

Waking up on the morning of the 15th.
Tomas on his stand up paddle board leading the way into the crocodile river.
Jennifer my pilot driver and Tomas our guide up ahead, nervously trying not to fall in.
Croco..... where are you???
Cool bird from the river.
The Aurora Delfine 2 - perfectly still.
Tomas paddling out on glassy water.
Boat is looking good, floating perfectly, she's a beauty.
"And shit.... grab the head lamps and water " Tomas says " We don't know how long
we'll be out here for."
I think we are going down.... but the boat never sank.
Desperately hoping for help.
At least Tomas has a cold beer in hand, all is good, we're not sinking anymore.
How did my Stand up board saved the boat....
Our rescue boat.
Captain of their own ship.
Arriving at playa Mangoes.
Red tide - full of water.
pulling in the boat with the tide while we waited for the 1st tractor to show up.
Jennifer making use of her time.
1st tractor arrived at 7am, pulling us in as much as he could until the boat got too heavy.
Captain Tomas pointing out the straight line...
We had to make sure to pull the boat forward has the tide went up.

Back on land under the coconut bomb world.
Jennifer repacking dry out gear.
1st bar, Tomas is a little bummed about his boat...
This guy trying to sell Tomas all this fish... No thanks
Johnny demonstrating his thumb push ups... he did about 10.
Now we're just a little tipsy....
Watch me here.... I'm gonna pull some Micheal moves!
Our bartender Memo took out a 40 year old bottle of "Who know's what"
Tomas and I had A shot each.
"ARRRRRRRR......" captain says, time for another drink.
Tomas busting out the moves on the dance floor.
Listerine anyone???

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