Dirtiest border cross ever feb 8th 2009

Since Alain had a bright red back (sunburn) we creamed our faces with tons of sunscreen to make sure we don't burn under the Ecuadorean sunshine. After a ten hour ride we realized it was a very good idea but now we were dirty as a 5 years old kid that just finished playing war game. (our faces were black from the car exhaust and dirty air)
Waiting for the *Aduana* guy we sat waiting and drank a couple of Coca Cola. We were surprised when asking to a police where was a garbage can, he showed us the bridge. Alain, confused, asked again and the policeman told him again throw it over the bridge.
After half an hour waiting for the customs' guy to finish taking his shower -in the office bathroom - he got on with our bike's paperwork.
The music in his office was so loud that I couldn't hear anything he would ask me and made him repeat what he said, but still the music keep blasting classic songs, ... * Belly Jean from Michael Jackson*
An hour later, glad that all the paper work was over, as the sun was setting, we were finally on our way towards Mancora, the famous surfing spot in Northern Peru.

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