The warm ocean of Montanita

Angela asking a taxi for directions in Guayaquil

Not your typical Tropical beach resort!

From Argentina to Mexico in this car - 4 of them!!!

Riding along Ecuador Pacific Coast

Miles and miles of clean beaches

It was a long detour for us to get to Montanita. But we needed some sunshine after lots of time in the Andes since Colombia.
180 kms north west of Guayaquil, Montanita is the Surf Spot of Equador. Last time I surfed was in Santa Catalina in Panama, so I was ready to get back in the water to catch a few waves. Angela was also looking forward to some quality beach time.
The town itself isn't much but sandy streets, young party crowds, bars, hostels, street jewelry vendors and surf shops.
The beach is very clean & the surf is a beach break. It wasn't at it's best but it still felt good to be back in the water.
On my first day out surfing, I quickly knew why they call this *Ecuador* I never wear a rash guard. In Costa Rica, surfing everyday for 3 months, I never sunburn. But here in Ecuador. It only took one hour in the water to get a good back sunburn.
I went back out on the 2nd day thinking I would just get darker, but no... I just got RED. So I spend the rest of the week surfing with a T-shirt. I had just recovered from my 4 burnt circles from the Chinese lady in Banos, Now my back was completely peeling.
We spent 5 days in Montanita. Angela and I both had enough sunshine. The waves sucked, so it was time to hit the road for Peru... Another country that we were very excited to see.

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