From the Pacific Coast to Cordillera Blanca via Canon de Pato - Feb 20th 2009

A stony desert landscape lies beneath each side of the famous Panamericana hwy. Only a few valleys with any vegetation are situated along the 2400 km long way through Peru. Virtually the whole length of Peru´s coast is desert. Several historical sites can be seen along the way, such as *Chan Chan*, the biggest clay brick city in the world as well as the Pyramids of sun and moon. But unfortunately most of them have been destroyed by earthquakes or not very well preserved.
Tired of riding the windy warm desert and in search for the most adventurous and scenic route to the mountains of Huaraz, we chose to ride the Canon de Pato (duck canyon). The spectacular road is paved 50 kms then turns to dirt, loose rocks passing through 35 tunnels following the deep narrow gorge rushing waters of the Rio Santa to Caraz in the north end of Callejon de Huaylas. A bus ride would be hell, but for motorbikes, awesome!
The journey took 2 days from Huanchaco (the coast) to Huaraz. Arriving in Huallanca just before dark. We asked around if we could camp anywhere. The small mining town didn't have camping options and heavy rain was starting to come down. We found a cheap Hostal with the perfect parking lot for the bikes - the kitchen!!
I rolled my bike and Angela's down the stairs without problems. When our friend Wess rolled down the 4 steps, his bike bottomed out and broke part of stairs. I quickly removed the broken pieces hoping the lady didn't see what just happen.
The place wasn't 5 stars but we had seen worse. A nice warm meal was served. Exhausted from a long day, we hit the sack.
The next morning, we were happy to see the sun shinning for the next part of the road. - The Duck canyon -
After breaking more cement from the stairs getting our bikes out. We were excited to ride this scenic stretch of the road.

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