Bike repair in Puno

Back yard welder fixing my rack

A sweet view of high snowy peak of Cordillera Real

The city of Puno and Lake Titikaka

We arrived in Puno at sunset, so we spent the night. We met Eamon along the road, his bike (KTM) was running a little sick so he asked us if he could tagged along incase he would break down.
Puno is a very hectic city on the edge lake Titikaka. The reason tourists would come here is to visit the Lake and to visit the floating islands on the lake . * These islands are made and re-made from the totora reeds which provide home, sustenance and transportation for their residents. Home of the Uros tribe, one which pre-dates the Incan civilization. According to their legends, they existed before the sun, when the earth was still dark and cold. They were impervious to drowining or being struck by lightning. They lost their status as super beings when they disobeyed universal order and mixed with humans, making them susceptible to contempt.*
We didn't go visit the islands, we thought it was nothing but an expensive tourist trap.
Instead, we paid a visit to a local welder... my bike rack was cracked for the 4th time from all the vibrations of bad roads.
He fixed my bike for $3... (he wanted $1.50 but gave him $3) a job that would cost me at least $40 in Canada!! got to love these countries!
The rack was solid again, ready for more beating in the worst roads of Bolivia..
Off we went for another border run to Bolivia.

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