Copacabana to La Paz

The ride from Copacabana to La Paz was a motorbikers dream road. Riding over 4000 meters in altitude, windy, perfectly paved, amazing views of Lake Titikaka.
At one point we had to cross the lake on a car ferry. Once in the middle of the way, the guy asked us for money...
"Cuanto?" I asked... 30 bolivianos each... "what?" more then we paid for our room in Copacabana for a 5 minute ferry crossing.
We had a feeling he was overcharging us. So when we got to the other side, Angela went to ask around what was the normal price to cross.
5 minutes later she arrived with a Port officer. The price was 8 Bolivianos, so he was really trying to get a few coins in his pocket. He still insisted that we pay 15 each because we were the only one on the boat and no other cars. The argument went of for 15 minutes. We finally paid him 30 Bolivianos for 3 bikes.
100 kms later, we were approaching the city of La Paz surrounded by 6000 meters snowy mountains. Once again, we found ourselves in clouds of black smoke for the exhaust of nasty buses...

Our rip - off boat man

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