Hot, Cold, Rain, Dirt, Dust, Mud, Landslides, Potholes, Trucks, Dogs,.. long road from Huaraz to Cusco

We finally left Huaraz, a long journey ahead to reach Cusco.... over 1500kms (800+ of dirt, bad roads)
Too many stories to tell...

Angela's bike was having a hard time with altitude, but thanks to * Herbert *.... who decided to do some mechanic work on the side of the hwy, where we met him on our way to La Union, we made it.

Beautiful windy road surrounded by snowy peaks.

Angela navigates through her first "huaico" (quechua word for landslide).

And they call this "dry season"...

Taking a break to enjoy the colors.

Refill in the middle of nowhere.

Dirt road heaven!


There is always a helpful hand nearby.

Another high pass, 4586 meters...cold one!

Dirtiest girl ever! ... She was helping her dad with the harvest...

Touching the sky??

Surf clouds!!

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