Climbing in Skaha Penticton BC

We arrived in Penticton late in the afternoon after passing the US Border in Ossoyos. Loaded with good American Sierra Nevada Pale Ale beers, we stopped at Skaha Lake to meet our buddy Tom for a few days of climbing. The weather was sunny and hot
upon arrival so we quickly went for a dip in Skaha Lake then we headed to Banbury campground on the lake to set basecamp
and drink some cold beers.
It was a clear and warm night. Thinking that tomorrow's weather will be a stellar climbing day. But the next morning, the
winds had picked up gushing up to 70 km/hr. The temps were still warm but the wind made climbing feel like Alpine style.
The next day, rain arrived and got freezing cold. " What happen to sunny skaha weather!"
We heard Vancouver had lost electricity for several hours and winds were blowing at 100 km/hr along the coast.
Penticton was in the middle of the jet stream, so we were getting the tail end of it. We still got some good climbing in
at Doctor's wall - ( one of the best wall, steep enough not to get wet ) and thanks to our friend Josh, a super strong
climber, put up some hard routes for us to do laps on. Even colder then yesterday, it really felt like being in the Alpine.
Thinking the weather had moved in and climbing was over, we woke up the next morning under a clear blue sky. The
Skaha sunshine was back. We climbed a couple more days until our fingers were done. Bianca got to lead her first climb.
Tom needed to get back home to Golden and we wanted to check out a few wineries before heading up to Jasper in the
It was hard to leave as it felt like summer again knowing that the Rockies would be cold...

Bianca on Minor Squirmish - 5.10b

Tom warming up on Minor Squirmish 5.10b

Our Basecamp... The Silver Rocket Luxury suite.

Morning stretches...

Not a bad spot to wake up to and eat your cereals.

Where's Waldo! Tom blending in the decor on Logan's Run on the Great White Wall.

Sun tanning time.... Tom on Belay.

Bianca pulling down on 5.11b ... Test of the Ironman.

Tom under a bright blue sky at Grassy Glades wall.

Ponderosa pine tree.

Doing laps on Building a monkey - 5.12a

Little technical belay problems. Or just having fun at the Doctor's wall on a rainy day.

Bianca doing her first lead climb.


another lead...

Campground wildlife, or more like Bianca's new friend. The next morning, Mr. Duck was waiting outside our van for Bianca
to come hang out.

cooling down under the stars on the lake

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  1. Alain, your pictures are always so intense they make me wanna leave forever...