Riding the curves of Colombia

Before even getting to Colombia, we were told by many NOT to go! It's Dangerous, you'll get kidnapped by Farc or loose your bike...
We heard all possible negative stories about Colombia.
On our arrival, we were treated with the best service at Moto Mundial bike shop, then a friend of Angela's brother invited us for breakfast in Bogota - also hooked us up in a 4 star hotel for 3 nights! Maybe we were looked at funny in Bogota from several bums on the streets - our blond hair doesn't help! - Never once we felt in any danger.
We finally hit the road after 5 days in Bogota. Once out of the city, the riding was nothing but spectacular scenery in vast green mountains, windy roads of the Panamericana.
After a long day, darkness was coming fast in the deep mountains so we started to look for a camping spot. As we passed by a little house next to the hwy with a big yard, I stopped and told Angela I was going to ask to camp.
It didn't take long for the family to open the gate and let us in with our bikes... " Please, camp anywhere you like!"
We unpacked the bikes, set up the tent and next thing we knew, one of the little boys walks over with 2 cups of coffee and bread. - An our later they wanted to invite us for soup. (we politely refused and warmed up our can of Lentils)
Later in the evening they showed up again to invite us for fresh hot cocoa and cookies.
They woke us next morning with 2 more cups of coffee. Still wired from last night cocoa and coffee, we started to pack our bikes, said our goodbyes to our new friends and set off to the " La Linea" an 80 kms VERY windy mountain pass to Armenia - one of the most beautiful drives in Colombia's Panamerica, reaching a altitude of 3500 meters and a truckers world.

We rode over one thousand Kilometers on the Colombia Panamerica, got stopped only once by a young military guy so he could check out our bikes and practice his english. We met the most hospitable people along the country. Never once had any problems. We camped in 2 family backyards, and stayed in several hostels in the cities. ( highly recommend Casa Blanca in Cali - owned by a fanatic bike rider and very helpful couple, - Thanks Mikey!!)
After 2 weeks riding in Colombia, we were just happy not to have listen to all these scary stories and rumors of how "Dangerous" Colombia is "supposed to be!" We enjoyed every minute of it.
It was the perfect welcome to South America....

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