Tuning up our Bikes

We arrived in Bogota at 6:30 pm. Jumped in a taxi and went straight to what we tough was a cheap *OK* hostel. Tired from the long day of traveling. We got in our room to find out it was the most uncomfortable bed. Only thing missing, was springs popping out of the mattress. The floor would of been better! Now hungry we went for a walk to find something to eat. Nothing was open except a cheap burger joint. Ordered 2 burgers, they were so disgusting that even a dog would not eat them. Ate the buns and went back to the hostel.

The next morning our bikes arrived at Girag. Took a cab back to the airport anxious to get our bikes before the office closed at noon. Some paper work needed to be done at the * Oficina de Aduanas * They told us that we needed photocopies so we walked back to Girag to get some copies. We then needed to go back to Aduanas to get these copies signed but now the lady that was supposed to sign our copies decided to go for breakfast. Frustrated, since no one else but this lady could sign our papers. We sat outside the office, it was now 11:50 - 10 minutes before Girag were closing. Frustration was building even more. They then told us that the lady will be back in 15 minutes.
I ran back to Girag to tell them our situation with this lady. They said they would wait for us. ( It was a long weekend, if we didn't get our bikes today, we would have to wait until tuesday!! )
I waited at Girag office to make sure they wouldn't close before Angela got back with our papers. Two hours later! - now 2 pm.
Papers were signed. We were very pleased with Girag's service but not to impressed with the *Oficina de Aduanas*

Happy to have our bikes back, we now needed to find a special place to buy these vests with our Plate #'s on them. ( It's a law in Colombia to ride a motorcycle with these vest)
Not far off from the airport, we got directions where we could find them. Happened to be next to some bike shops, so we looked at getting new tires at the same time. My bike needed a few new parts, so I got the hole full deal tune up - oil change, chain, sprokets, brakes, tires. The best service ever. They served us coffee, even shampooed our bikes for 1/2hour!!!
4 hours later. (we closed the shop!) Thanks to Moto Mundial...for the best service, our bikes were ready for the South American roads!

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